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Common Urological Diseases

This means distension of kidney due to accumulation of urine in it. This usually occurs as a result of obstruction to the kidney by stone/ stricture/ congenital abnormality or tumours. Mostly presents as pain in the corresponding flank.

Different kinds of infections can occur in urinary system from kidney down to the urethra. There can be bacterial, viral or fungal infections like anywhere else in the body. Often cause pain, burning in urine and may be fever.

A disease of males only. Can be temporary and due to psychological factors or some real problems in the "machine".

Leaking of urine in clothes involuntarily can occur in many situations like weakness of muscles, infections, neurological disease etc.

Prostate enlargement
A disease of males only usually occurs after 50 years of age. Causes obstruction to urination and may lead to retention, infection, stone formation, bleeding and sometimes kidney failure.

Sexually transmitted diseases may be suspected by an ulcer on the private parts and should be immediately treated. This can also be accompanied by AIDS and hence contact your physician immediately.

Stone disease
Stones can form in the urinary system anywhere from kidney to urethra. There can be a single stone or many of them. They can be at multiple sites and on both sides at the same time. Small stones can come out in urine spontaneously but larger ones need treatment. Stones usually cause pain but sometimes burning in urine or bloody urine.

Stricture means narrowing. This can occur in urethra or rarely in ureter. The narrow passage does not allow urine to flow freely and can result in retention. Mostly occurs due to infection or injury.

Injury to urinary system may be obvious from outside or could be internal injury mostly manifested by blood in urine. Sometimes urine retention can occur. There could be multiple internal organ injuries specially in traffic accidents.

Tumours and cancers
Tumours can occur anywhere in the urinary system and can be malignant (cancer). It can appear as a mass or lump in the related region or may be totally symptomless. There often is blood in urine and it should immediately alarm you. Cancer of prostate can present as just obstruction to urination.

Urine retention
Obstruction to urine flow can occur partially or completely and gradually or suddenly. It is often painful. It needs immediate treatment and a tube (catheter) may be inserted in your urine passage to relieve retention.


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